Confessions of an absent blogger coming back to writing

See, I've been writing!

Summer has mostly left the Netherlands. With the day job taking over and the darker evenings, I automatically shift into a more indoor lifestyle. Which also explains my absence on my own website for the past six weeks, my apologies! That’s not to say my summer has been unproductive. I’ve actually done more writing than I have in a long time (and not in Scrivener this time, but more old-school…), both on my first/second draft manuscript and on a new story. I’ve also spent my summer reading a selection of great YA novels. A small selection of amazing books: Last Seen Leaving, Something Like Summer & How to repair a mechanical heart. If you’re looking for some great books to read over the next few colder months, these come strongly recommended.

As my alpha readers are making their way through my manuscript, I’ve already started to delve a bit deeper into the self-editing process. Before I’m going to try and submit this manuscript to anyone, I want to make sure it’s absolutely the best it can possibly be. As such two articles stood out: Incorporating Deep POV into our writing & the ARISE tip from Revolutionise Your Writing with These 4 Editing Hacks. I’ve been a longtime reader of both The Creative Penn & Romance University, but these two recent articles have provided me with some breakthrough tips on how to further refine my writing.

I’ve also revamped my website a bit further by signing up for Instagram and setting up a mailing list. Sure, it’s all a bit empty right now, but things can only grow from there. Exciting times ahead as I’ve started to prep for NaNoWriMo, which is only a month-and-a-few-weeks away. I ‘m planning to go in with a well-structured plot and will be trying out the first-person perspective this time round. Can’t wait!

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