Gay marriage for Germany

Gay marriage for Germany

Since this weekend, it’s now possible for gay couples to get married in Germany. I must’ve been sleeping, since I thought it already was. So: yay, Germany! Welcome to the club of enlightened countries that realises love = love.

Growing up in the Netherlands, gay marriage has been a part of our country’s DNA for over fifteen years now. And whilst that is still an incredibly short time in comparison to straight marriage, still. It’s easy to forget how privileged we are. In a few weeks time, my husband and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary. I can remember many times where, during the first few minutes of a conversation on the phone, people would say “your wife” and I had to correct them. But nobody ever missed a beat and just corrected their pronouns and continued on. As I said, it’s easy to forget the privileges we have.

Also in the news this weekend, the largest pride festival in the world in Madrid. And the first stories on the horrible, horrible treatment of gays in Chechnya reached the news here. The contrast between these events is staggering. On the same continent, gay people are subsequently planning their marriage, having a party or being imprisoned and killed.

The range of civil liberties and the lack thereof is staggering and has replaced my initial “Oh, I thought they already could get married” thoughts in relation to gay marriage in Germany. Particularly in light of Chechnya, it’s still so important to shine a light on these events, that it is worth acknowledging that as a country, you stand for equality. In the face of such brutality, hatred and fear it is all we can do.

So for taking this step with us: Thank you Germany. May you live happily ever after.

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